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GST Registration Status Active Pending Verification & GSTIN ID

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Most of previous/existing service tax and vat registered businesses have migrated for GST registration through provisional id and password.

But their current GST application status remains 'active pending verification'. What's the meaning of this status, how to get GSTIN ID and provisional GST registration certificate?

GST Registration - Active Pending Verification

One can verify the status of their GST application by login on the GST portal.
Your ARN No
Form No.
Form Description
Application for Registration of Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
Submission Date
Active Pending Verfication
'Active Pending Verfication' status is the standard status at time being and there is no action item for the business at this moment. Once we hear more from GSTN about the verification process, we will post it in this site. We are hoping that existing service tax and vat registered companies don't need to go through any process as part of this verification.
You can go ahead and upload invoice and file return with this status as your GST account is 'active'

GST Registration - GST REG-26

Many of the people would have got the following email about completing the GST REG-26 application. If you have already uploaded documents while doing registration, then they don't need to do it again.
To get permanent registration, please fill up details electronically in Part-B of the Enrolment Form (GST REG-26) on the GST portal along with the information and documents specified therein. You may provide the information and documents during next three months. If you have already filled up part-B and submitted the enrolment form, you may ignore this message.

GST Provisional Registration Certificate (GST Reg-25) and GSTIN ID

Once your GST application status goes to 'active' or 'active pending verification', you should get an email from containing your provisional GST registration certificate (also called GST Reg-25). This certificate contains your GSTIN ID
You can also download this certificate online on gst portal by login to portal and going to Services -> User Services -> View/Download Certificates
This certificate will contain following details:
  1. Your GSTIN ID
  2. Your PAN
  3. Legal Name
  4. Trade Name
  5. Registration Details under Existing Law

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